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Funny and Awkward Moments at Airports

Air travel may be a perfect joy at times or a full anxiety-inducing nightmare at other times. You never really know which way it’ll go, at least not until you’re loaded aboard the aircraft.

There are moments when we are engaged in the same activity as other members of our species and observe something so silly that we cannot help but chuckle, even if these errors might be unpleasant or uncomfortable in the moment. Sometimes, the acts of other travelers or airport staff just grab our notice. Here are a few of the most bizarre and entertaining airport situations ever caught on video…

Always Log Out

It’s likely gone forever if you leave your phone at an airport. But when a traveler left their phone behind at Newcastle International Airport, these airport staff members decided to have some fun by sharing a hilarious selfie on Facebook.

Although Geordies often don’t have the finest reputation, these two guys were able to alter many preconceptions about the people from the north with their distinctive accents. Jasmine probably won’t forget her phone again, according to our suspicions.

I’m Your Baby

Everyone appreciates clever wordplay, or in this instance, “songplay.” Who could imagine a more perfect way to “welcome home” than for a stunning new baby to meet her father at the gate?

Someone seemed to be a little taken aback by this astonishing gesture based on the expression on baby Harper’s little face. Let’s hope the baby’s father wasn’t taken aback by the spectacular entrance of the child!

Upside Down Seating

This has to be one of the most bizarre sleeping arrangements you’ve seen at an airport, despite the likelihood that you have. It might be really difficult to relax while you’re waiting for your flight, it must be said.

So, this guy made the conscious decision to utilize his bag as both a backrest and a seat to support his lower body. Although it seems unpleasant, considering that he is sound sleeping, it is probably more comfortable than any other place.


There is only so much you can do at an airport before you start becoming restless since traveling may be quite exhausting. Unless, of course, you’re a kid then hiding and seeking is fine.

Otherwise, you’ll likely spend the next several hours sitting in front of your phone or laptop before boarding your aircraft. However, this girl chose to bring back planking and take a leisurely trip around the conveyor belt for bags.

Welcome Home

Over the years, you’ve certainly seen some unflattering “coming home” banners, but this has had to be among the most horrifying. Mokie was undoubtedly in for a shock as he left his gate.

His pals decided to make a poster-sized version of the most humiliating picture of him they could locate and hold it up for everyone to see in the airport. I’m hoping he laughed it off and wasn’t eating anything when he got off the plane.

Place All Cuddly Objects In A Bin

Many people have anxiety at the notion of traveling with children, whether it be their own or someone else’s. Kids may be unpredictable when traveling, therefore they need a lot of additional care and packing.

When the TSA instructed this woman to remove her shoes, she had to set her child down someplace, and it seems that a bin was the only secure location that was available. Just let’s hope the infant wasn’t subjected to an X-ray.

Drawing The Line

It should be very evident that small children will damage crucial papers if you put them out in their immediate vicinity. Most likely, this guy should have kept his passport out of the children’s reach.

The family went on vacation, which was the main issue, but the border control wouldn’t accept the “new and better” passport. Sadly, the guy had to visit an embassy to resolve the issue.

Where Are Your Clothes?

This man chose to board the return flight wearing nothing but his underwear when the airport misplaced his bags. He probably did it to demonstrate to airport workers that they should be more cautious with passengers’ things.

To others around him, this undoubtedly seemed to be a humorous scenario. However, the loss of some of his priceless possessions, or at the very least, his spare pair of clothing, was probably what made it so serious for him.


Looking at this picture would trigger a panic attack in just about anyone, whether you are afraid of flying or not. This is breaching airline safety on so many levels and a catastrophic collision is pretty sure to happen.

Luckily, this is just a 400-image composite stitched together by photographer Mike Kelley. He named it “Wake Turbulence,” and it depicts all the flights departing from Los Angeles’ LAX airport.


You sometimes can’t help but question whether the TSA is going too far with its duties. Of course, it is crucial to properly search passengers for any possible weapons or chemicals, but some individuals are less suspicious than others.

We don’t understand why these additional inspections were required of this nun; she presumably simply wants to do her journey in peace and without any fuss. Hopefully this was the only difficulty this nun had to deal with while she was traveling.

Personal Luggage

Everybody has had occasions when they have forgotten precisely how their baggage seems as it travels around the luggage conveyor. For the most dumb, they could have completely neglected to fetch the duffel bags.

Both of those offenses have been obviously committed by this guy, and his friends gave him a bag with his face imprinted on it to prevent another incident involving his baggage. Let’s hope he never again forgets his bags.

Baggage Claim

At best, traveling can be chaotic. Everyone has experienced the tense situation of waiting at the baggage conveyor belt in the hopes that their bags won’t be misplaced and they may continue to their destination with their possessions in tow.

However, Spainair decided to offer their customers a nice farewell gift and distribute gifts on the baggage conveyor when they arrived on Christmas Eve. Everyone received an unexpected present that was, of course, age-appropriate.

Welcome Mom

This family wanted to come up with the funniest, most humiliating method to welcome the matriarch home. In order to welcome her back from jail, they hung up placards as they waited for their mother and wife.

The mother looked away and tried not to recognize her family when she spotted them carrying the embarrassing placards. Other passengers gave the signs some dubious glances, but the family will never forget the wonderful expression on mom’s face.


When you see someone making a public proposal to their spouse, you can’t help but grin. Anyone who has been there will recall the exhilaration and astonishment that come with being asked to spend the rest of your life with the asker.

This guy decided to pop the question when his spouse was leaving the house after a vacation. When she replied “yes,” everyone in the background couldn’t control their joy for the cute pair.

Margarita Day

It seems obvious that there should frequently be some kind of celebration when someone you care about returns after a lengthy vacation. This guy didn’t even want to wait for them to get home before extending a cordial greeting.

He made the decision to open shop when he arrived at the airport. He was prepared to celebrate both National Margarita Day and his loved one’s return home with a stand and margarita mix since, after all, it was always 5 o’clock someplace.

Good To Keep In Mind

This sign is quite uncommon; other indicators are present in every airport in the globe. The sign, which really cautions people to avoid the runway, can be located at St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana Airport in New Zealand.

Sadly, the runway is too closely located to the parking lot. Not only is this an enormous safety risk, but it also marred New Zealand’s image for airport security.

No Risk Taking

It may be impossible to manage the amount of viruses and diseases that may spread aboard airplanes. This guy utilized every device at his disposal to filter out sounds, light, and odors while he was obviously suffering with his fear of germs.

The other passengers seated next to him could have thought it looked a little strange, and they likely felt uneasy having to get past him to use the restroom. Until individuals started taking health measures on a regular basis in 2020, that is.

Multitasking Luggage

Almost everyone’s attitude at an airport can be summed up by this chick. It’s a lengthy and exhausting procedure for everyone because of the ongoing lineups for baggage, passport checks, and security.

If you ask us, what this girl did was very brilliant. Not only was she able to sleep, but while she was happily dozing, her father would be able to carry her to the airport with no trouble.

You Cannot Proceed

Hands down, one of the worst things in a busy airport is navigating slow walkers. This grandma was letting no one pass her when she made her way through the airport at her own pace – her face says it all.

She was not going to be rushed, and she was so unbothered that she decided to stand in the middle of the traveler’s path. Luckily, judging by the faces in the crowd gathered behind her, no one was actually mad about it.

Darth Vader

Die-hard Star Wars fans need to plan ahead whenever a new film in the franchise is released. To make sure they could all see The Last Jedi together, these fans made the decision to organize before the film’s debut.

The Imperial March was loudly played to welcome the buddy of the Stormtroopers, Darth Vader, when he arrived at Denver International Airport, and they cheered him on as he approached the gate. The scene made onlookers laugh out loud.

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