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8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

If you’re planning a trip to Japan for the first time, here are some suggestions to help you get ready, and here are some tips on what to consider before taking the trip.

Trash cans are hard to come by.

Because there are few public trash cans in Japan, it’s a good idea to bring a plastic bag with you just in case. This is particularly useful if you intend to eat street food! It’s possible that you’ll have to carry your trash for a long time before you can dispose of it.

Rent a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

If you’re going to Tokyo, you’ll need all the help you can get with navigation! You can use Google Maps for walking directions and planning our subway/train routes both within the city and between cities the entire time. Having a mobile hotspot available at all times was extremely beneficial.


8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

It’s possible that the JR Pass isn’t worth it for you.

Before you go, everyone tells you to get a JR Pass. You won’t get your money’s worth unless you plan on visiting a lot of different cities over the course of a week. A Suica or Pasmo card was sufficient for Tokyo and Kyoto!

More places accept credit cards than anticipated.

Another thing that everyone says about Japan is that most places do not accept credit cards. There were a few small shops and street vendors who only take cash, but it is not different than any other international trip. Bring cash, but keep in mind that you can still use your credit card at many restaurants and shops.

Do not attempt to tip.

Taxi drivers, waiters, and bartenders do not require gratuities. Tipping is not practiced in Japan. In fact, if you try to leave extra money, they may be offended. Pay the price as it is to avoid any confusion.

8 Things to Know Before Traveling to Japan

You may be asked to take your shoes off in some restaurants.

There are restaurants where you have to take our shoes off at the door and have them placed in a cubby behind the hostess stand. You can also take your shoes off at the table and tucked them next to our booth at another restaurant. Just a reminder: socks should always be worn!

When riding the subway, follow the rules.

The rules are taken very seriously by most people, and you should as well! When taking public transportation, be quiet and considerate. That means no cell phone use and no food or beverages. Make sure you’re not sitting in the priority seats for pregnant women, the elderly, or people with disabilities. On the subway platform, line up on the left side of the door and wait for people on the train to exit before boarding

Department stores are foodies’ dream come true.

For a foodie’s paradise, go to the basement level of Japanese department stores. Imagine your local department store’s jewelry counter, but instead of jewelry, it’s stocked with delectable foods of all kinds!

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