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20 Elegant Hairstyles for Women to Look Younger

People of all ages want to look well, but what does looking good truly entail? Age doesn’t make the process any easier for some individuals who spend their whole lives attempting to find a look that suits them.

Sometimes as people age, they lose confidence in the way they look. Nevertheless, most of what it takes to appear wonderful comes from the inside; if you’re trying for a younger, more confident look, here are a few hairstyles to consider implementing.

The Carol Brady Style

The haircut favored by sitcom beauty Carol Brady during the first season of The Brady Bunch is often imitated by older ladies. The majority of elderly ladies find this “fake” mullet attractive.

With this short haircut, the top of the head has layers and is quite full. The hair around the nape of the neck is feathered, giving it a much softer, more feminine appearance.

Mid-Length Feather Style

For older ladies, the mid-length feather style is a classic appearance that often makes women feel younger. Although a shaggy style like this one is often associated with youth, it may also work great on older ladies when done appropriately.

Every facial form and the neck are complemented by the hairdo, which also serves as a frame. The majority of elderly ladies can truly appreciate how simple it is to dress up in a more sophisticated way.

Classic Shag

No matter what the form of a woman’s face is, the traditional shag haircut always looks well on older ladies. Women may wear their hair long without seeming to be trying to relive their youth.

This specific hairstyle is composed of several shaggy layers. Regardless of whether a lady decides to wear her hair straight, curly, or wavy, it always provides texture.

Chandelier Bob

Another version of the traditional bob style is the chandelier bob. It employs fewer layers than other haircuts of a similar design but still enables ladies with thinning hair to add volume.

Women with a strong, square face and jawline would look best in this hairdo. Although the bone structure sometimes has a slightly severe appearance, this humorous cut gives a lot more carefree, relaxed appearance.

Voluminous Waves

Since Friends ended its run on television, Courtney Cox has maintained her reputation as a trendsetter. Even now, Courtney has beautiful enormous waves that many women wish to copy.

As strange as it may seem, all it takes are a few easy steps. Simply blow-dry your hair, part it down the center, and you’re ready to go! Next, take some hot rollers and some hairspray.

Short & Heavy Razor Bob

Both elderly men and older women may wear haircuts with razors. The short & heavy style is one of its female variations, and it looks particularly well on ladies with naturally thick hair.

Thick hair may be challenging to maintain, despite the mild envy some people feel for it. This specific style is highly well-liked since it makes thick hair in older ladies much simpler to handle.

Tapered Pixie

Bangs that are swept forward and to the side of the head are part of a tapered pixie cut. Extra-long hair strands are located at the top of the head; when tucked behind each ear, women can display sideburns.

The design has a casual vibe throughout and is tapered at the neck. Many older ladies who like the simplicity of a short haircut often experience a boost in femininity when they embrace this particular look.

Multiple Layers

For many women over 50, the mid-length haircut with overlapping layers is a great option. With hair this long, flow and movement must be maintained to avoid seeming untidy and unstyled.

The result is a playful wavy style that gives many ladies a younger appearance when hair layers overlap. It is simple to keep this haircut looking good since it is simple to achieve and keep in style.

Voluminous Shag

The voluminous shag is a contemporary haircut that many older ladies have adopted. It offers a fresh spin on more conventional shag cuts. Women who don’t mind putting their hair up in a huge manner and high is this style is ideal.

This hairstyle has thick layers at the top of the head, then it becomes softer and ends at the shoulders. A straightforward part along the center of the head produces an overall balanced look and is favorable to wearing heavy bangs.

Short Curly Bob

The majority of fashion experts agree that a short, curly bob is a classic option for older ladies. Tight curls keep their form quite readily, making this a hassle-free hairstyle to maintain, but only for ladies with thick heads of hair.

Women with this kind of hair are recommended to only brush it while it is wet because if it is combed when it is dry, the hairdo might spiral out of control. If they do, women can notice that their hair is unusually big.

Laid-Back Crop

The most popular hairstyles for elderly women often use layers as a crucial component. The layered crop is a time-honored haircut that will probably always be in trend for elderly ladies.

It’s a fast and simple method for keeping up a sculpted hairdo that adds volume without requiring a lot of effort. Women simply need to use a blow-out brush and hairspray to maintain this look.

Full-Length Bangs on Bob

One of the more senior women in Hollywood, Diane Keaton nevertheless looks lovely. She adopted a bob with full-length bangs that greatly enhance her looks, which contributes to this.

The look is both traditional and fashionable, and it has the benefit of successfully hiding forehead creases. It also effectively frames a woman’s face, much as the completely textured hairdo mentioned above.

Another Pixie Style

Combining bangs and the front layer of hair is one of the numerous methods to personalize a pixie cut. Since most other female hairstyles maintain bangs entirely separate, this is different from most of them.

This specific style involves shaving off sections of hair and pushing some of one’s hair forward on the head. This cut method aids in producing dynamic bangs that defy conventional fashion.

Soft Curls

Sandra Bullock, an actress, constantly maintains fashionable hair whenever she is seen in public. She often opts for the simple, surefire option of a gentle curl.

One must separate their hair on their desired side for this style, then use a curling iron on each area of hair until the whole head is curled. All it takes is a quick brushing of the hair to soften the curls.

Mid-Length With Bodybuilding Layers

Not all elderly ladies are blessed with thick hair. Those who don’t may get a more voluptuous appearance with a terrific mid-length style with bodybuilding layers.

This haircut complements bangs, which many elderly ladies don’t have. The only upkeep required for this hairstyle is to tousle the long locks, tease the roots, and set everything with hairspray.

Feathered Short Hairstyle

Many people also like the short feathered haircut because it effectively raises the neckline and face. The hair is disheveled, which keeps the ladies wearing it appearing and feeling youthful.

The look may be worn subtly as well as in a playful, carefree manner. Try a simple blown-out style to get this look. The sides of the hair may be tucked behind the ears to create a classic bob look.

Coastal Wave Look

Elizabeth Hurley has fought against aging by sporting hair that belies her years. Her beachy waves may be easily imitated by removing individual hair parts and curling each one one at a time.

Hair should be pulled away from the face while being curled, and each part should then be sprayed with a texturizing spray. One must use their fingers to brush their hair to complete this hairstyle.

Curly & Short Bob

A short, curly bob might be a terrific option for older ladies since it’s simple to style and keep up, as we hinted at before. Women’s hair needs be cut shorter to support this style, however.

I understand that letting your hair grow longer while going for a short appearance sounds illogical. Growing out the hair may assist to counterbalance the fact that curls become shorter as time goes on.

Medium Length Layers


Almost any lady 50 years or older would look great with a hairstyle with medium layers. It’s a very simple style to keep up, making it the perfect option for any lady who wants to keep her hair around shoulder length.

Keeping the top layers of hair short and sporting side-swept bangs can help you achieve this appearance. A round brush may be used to style the hair tips for this hairdo.

Rounded Bob

Among elderly ladies, the rounded bob haircut is quite popular. Many people consider it to be a classy and stylish appearance, but it also has the benefit of being quite simple to keep up on a daily basis!

Women may cover their head’s crown with hair by using a round brush and a blow dryer. In turn, this gives their hair some height and adds more volume for a more fuller appearance.


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