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Rare and Famous Images that Depict Various Aspects of History

We have all seen a lot of well-known pictures that are widely available. But there are just as many hidden gems that are so rare you’ve probably never ever heard of them.

Let’s have a look at these unusual pictures that each depict a distinct era in history.

Civil War Veteran, 1863

Although there are many wounds that humans can tolerate, getting shot in the head is not one of them. The likelihood of survival is quite tiny, and it was much more so in the 1800s.

Jacob Miller overcame all odds when he lived after being shot in the forehead during the American Civil War. He had other additional wounds as well, but he totally healed.

Lisa Fonssagrives On The Eiffel Tower, 1939

This picture could be unsettling to anyone who are frightened of heights, particularly when they understand how true it is. Lisa Fonssagrives fearlessly and creatively posed from the Eiffel Tower in 1939.

The gorgeous Fonssagrives did this picture session for Vogue without the use of any security precautions. Thankfully, she wasn’t wounded, and the pictures altered the course of history.

Sammy Davis Jr. & Clint Eastwood

In this unusual image, Sammy Davis Jr. and a young Clint Eastwood are seen backstage at the Sands Hotel after Davis’ performance in 1959. At the time, Eastwood’s career was only getting started.

What ties did these two mythologies have together? Evidently, they shared a passion for firearms. The two were seen admiring a handgun on video.

Abraham Lincoln and His Son

This was an extremely uncommon event for President Abraham Lincoln, who would usually be photographed alongside other notable politicians or Heads of State.

He is happy in this picture as he poses with his son Tad. Ten weeks after the shot was taken, Lincoln passed away.

Amelia Earhart

Significant contributions to aviation were made by Amelia Earhart. Being fearless, she was the first female pilot to cross the Atlantic Ocean alone.

This is one of the last photographs of her before she disappeared. As you can see, she was incredibly trendy, particularly for the period.

Norma Jean Dougherty

Norma Jean Dougherty was a young lady who posed for a photograph in 1943. She had no clue that she would go on to become one of the greatest stars in the world a few years after this photograph was taken.

Later on, this young lady evolved into Marilyn Monroe. She started out as a model and eventually made her way into Hollywood. Here is a brief history.

Marilyn Monroe As Theda Bara, 1958

Marilyn Monroe looks as lovely as ever, yet she cannot be identified in this image. She paid tribute to the lady who had arrived a few decades earlier and was the leading sex icon of her day.

The person in issue was Theda Bara, a silent cinema actress better known by her stage as “The Vamp.” Monroe impersonated Cleopatra in order to replicate Bara’s well-known look.

Mick Jagger and Dolly Parton

Mick Jagger and Dolly Parton don’t need an introduction; they are two of the most well-known musicians in the world. Due to the contrast in their musical tastes, it is rare to see them perform together.

The country icon and rocker posed for a picture backstage at New York’s Bottom Line in 1977, and it is obvious that the two were good friends.

Police Officer Guarding A Pharmacy During A Flood

It would be the last thing anybody would consider doing to remain at one’s position

during a severe flood, yet this policeman took his duty extremely seriously. In 1974, a devastating flood hit Cambridge, Ontario, and individuals were up to their waists in water.

Constable John Shuttleworth, who is shown, was assigned to watch over this drugstore against neighborhood shoplifters who were taking whatever they could. He stood there with such a strong devotion, it was astonishing.

Princess Diana with Her Son, Prince Harry

It is obvious why Princess Diana was known to as The People’s Princess given the way in which she continuously behaved in a kind, pleasant, and caring manner.

Diana cradling her youngest son, Prince Harry, is seen in one of the greatest royal portraits ever taken. In contrast to previous royals, she was not embarrassed to show her children love in front of the public.

Posing as a Model for Billboard Painters

There are billboards everywhere these days. They can be set up easily, and they seem to vary every few weeks. But in 1947, everything was changed.

In actuality, artists who had to take risks to reach such heights to construct hand-painted billboards. Occasionally, models might also be applied.

Mugshot of Steve McQueen, 1972

Even though being jailed is not acceptable and should never be imitated, Steve McQueen’s mugshot became recognizable because of how cocky and self-assured he seemed. He waved a peace sign and grinned as if he didn’t care that he was being detained.

The coolest guy in Hollywood, McQueen often portrayed the antihero in films. People want to either be him or be near him.

Hopi Girl, 1912

Native to Arizona is the Hopi tribe. Because they are a tight group and do not marry outside the tribe, their civilization has been maintained for all these years.

But in 1912, this girl very graciously consented to take a picture. She is of marriage age since she has the squash blossom haircut, which is a sign of maturity.

A Distressed Patient

Because a consultation with the dentist may be quite uncomfortable, many kids and even adults are scared of them. This young patient, whose head was bandaged and who seemed to have just had surgery, was dissatisfied with the dentist’s assistance.

The dentist should never have posted the notice, despite the fact that defacing the wall with the word “lie” is not the healthiest course of action. It is an outright falsehood!

Titanic Before and After the Accident

One of the Titanic’s many prominent features was a grand stairway. Sadly, no picture of the stairs has ever been taken.

The RMS Olympic, a virtually similar ship from the same period that cruised until 1935, gives us an excellent picture of what the staircase must have looked like before the catastrophe.

The Stewardess Who Averted the Sinking of Two Sailing Ships

Argentine stewardess and nurse Violet Jessop performed a miracle accomplishment that has never been duplicated in human history, despite the likelihood that you haven’t heard of her.

She saw the sinking of the RMS Olympic and the Titanic in 1911 and 1912, respectively. She helped people onto lifeboats and rescued children in both situations.

The Aqua-Trail Houseboat, 1959

American consumerism skyrocketed with the conclusion of World War II. All types of products started to be produced in large quantities, and technical advancement quickened.

The Aqua-Trail houseboat was the first attempt at a camping trailer that could also double as a houseboat. Only 32 were made, and the one you can locate now is worth millions of dollars.

Air Force

Without the comparison photos, it would be quite difficult to recognize Bob Ross on the left. We’re all used to seeing him with his bushy beard and heavy hair.

In his younger years, Ross served as a master sergeant. Instead of making the world smile on television, he served in the air force for 20 years. He left to follow his passion for painting.

Priests and Hippies Interact

A meeting of priests is the last thing that comes to mind when we think of a hippy festival. These priests did, however, go to Glastonbury in 1971.

They weren’t there to enjoy the music; rather, they were there to share the gospel with the guests, who couldn’t care less about it. The result is this amazing picture that shows the difference between two quite different universes.

An unadorned Geisha, 1905

This photo seems so modern that if it weren’t in black and white, one may think it was shot only a few years ago. However, this image was captured almost a century ago.

It depicts a Geisha who isn’t wearing the traditional makeup and who has her hair down, which was quite unusual to see. These ladies have never been photographed or seen in public before.

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