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Fan-Favorite Products That Are No Longer Available At Costco

Costco has established a reputation for its delectable and popularly devoured snacks in addition to being the mother of all discount merchants where clients can save a ton on household products. Both the broad aisles and the food court, where customers would linger after stocking their kitchens, would provide these pleasures.

Unfortunately, the wholesaler often decides to quit offering some of its most well-liked goods, much to the disappointment of Costco aficionados. Fortunately, there are specific methods to identify things that have already moved to a better location and some insider information on how to recognize when a popular product is set to leave. Prepare to say goodbye to some of these cherished Costco staples…

Parmigiano Reggiano Wedges

Although losing cheese is never ideal, Costco made the decision a bit more difficult in this case. The superstore has permanently stopped selling the “insanely wonderful” Parmigiano Reggiano Wedges. A less expensive method to enjoy the delicious cheese is in the wedges.

A medium-sized slice was offered so that it may be used for eating, grating, or perhaps even as a creative gift idea. Costco no longer offers cheese wedges; the only Parmigiano Reggiano options are a massive $960 wheel or a $15 container of grated cheese. For some reason, this doesn’t seem like a plausible alternate option.

Litehouse Freeze-Dried Garlic

Garlic is a common element in every chef’s kitchen. For having garlic readily available and at a reasonable price, Costco offered the appropriate answer with their Litehouse Freeze-Dried Garlic product. It made sense since it was packaged in a big jar for those who often make meals at home.

One container of the Litehouse product would be sufficient to cover 45 whole garlic bulbs. For an intelligent buyer, it is nothing to giggle at. This incredible offer has temporarily vanished from the Costco shelves. However, Costco pledges to continue working with Litehouse on other spices.

All-American Chocolate Cake

Yes, everyone like cake. Another beloved product that caused uproar when Costco decided to cease offering it was the All-American Chocolate Cake. When Costco made the public aware of the issue, a petition was started in an attempt to persuade the company to alter its practices.

Costco’s decision to stop manufacturing the cake was referred to in the petition as a “insult” since a seven-pound feast of rich, chocolate bliss was remarkably just $16.99. Even while we are aware that the 13,000 calories in this cake were not healthy for our health, it still doesn’t make the loss any easier to handle.

Brookside Strawberry & Passion Fruit

While some individuals see chocolate as an essential snack, others worry that it would undermine their efforts to lose weight. No different, and maybe even more difficult to resist, are the reasonably priced dark chocolates from Brookside that can be purchased at Costco. The unique treat is sadly no longer available in the supermarket.

A highlight of Brookside is rich dark chocolate confections with sour fruit fillings. The fusion creates a guilty-pleasure treat that doesn’t taste quite as bad for you by substituting some fruit for the chocolate. However, the chocolate and acai flavor is still available. The unique strawberry and passion fruit flavor is no longer available.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzels

Although it may not be the healthiest option for us, this dish is undoubtedly tasty. The cinnamon sugar taste of the soft pretzels at the food court was a particular favorite among customers. Churros were popular, but these pretzels were much more delicious.

Although the reason behind the superstore’s decision to discontinue selling these popular items is unclear, customers were undoubtedly dissatisfied. Few things in the food court will be missed as much as these cinnamon sugar mini-pieces of paradise, as Costco continually reviews the offerings.

American Cheese

Although Kirkland Signature American Cheese was undoubtedly of higher quality than certain rival products, American cheese now has a bad reputation for being highly processed. It’s wise to always have extra cheese on hand since it may be utilized in a variety of various ways.

This 120-slice package with five pounds of cheese belongs in every refrigerator because it tastes great with fresh-off-the-grill hamburgers. Customers will now have to make do with simply getting enough cheese in their standard-sized packages or risk having to pay more for branded brands as it is no longer available.

BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

The BBQ beef brisket sandwich, in the opinion of many, is the best item available at Costco’s famed food court. They were definitely astonished, if not openly upset, to find that this delicious sandwich was no longer being served. It was a nice surprise to find such a tasty snack in such an unexpected location.

The delectable mix of creamy coleslaw, sour barbecue sauce, and pulled meat used to be enjoyed by many. Sadly, Costco decided to substitute this beloved product with a cup of chili, which some people have found to be a little lacking.

Bibigo’s Organic Potstickers

Another tasty, straightforward dinner choice is no longer accessible to customers. Bibigo’s Organic Potstickers are helpful when you don’t have much time to cook a full meal for dinner on a weekday. These suddenly and without warning began to disappear from Costco stores.

Bibigo does offer other things, but its pots tickers are always a hit. They may be boiled, cooked in a skillet, or heated in the microwave to suit different diets while still producing a delicious organic dinner. There may be substitutes for potstickers in the frozen food section at Costco; the organic Bibigo brand is no longer required.

The Death Star

While petitions may be created, there isn’t much that can be done to get these things back into stock. The discount superstore is aware when these things are nearly finished, whether or not they wish to tell shoppers. Fortunately, there is a method through which Costco customers may learn when their favorite items are set to vanish from the store.

Smart Costco customers will suggest that reading the price tag’s top right corner will provide some important information. Asterisks indicate that it’s time to say farewell. Loyal Costco customers have dubbed the emblem the “death star” since it denotes that an item with that label will soon be gone. Since they won’t be replaced when they run out, it’s better to get these things while you can.

Lavazza Espresso Italian Whole Bean Coffee

Coffee lovers are upset that this beloved business has been removed. Before boiling a fresh cup of coffee each morning, many individuals have a practice of grinding their own coffee. Whole beans of Lavazza Espresso Italiano coffee are no longer offered by Costco. Although it could cost more, the gourmet flavor might be found elsewhere.

This delicious mixture had a unique flavor that would appeal to lovers of Italian coffee. Customers said the mix tasted even better knowing it was a name brand product from a bargain shop. The last cargo, nevertheless, have already physically left the warehouses. This pricey box of energetic coffee pleasure is no longer offered by Costco.

Polish Dogs

Discounts are available at Costco on products outside food. In fact, many people just join Costco to have access to some of the items in the food court. As a consequence, there was a great backlash from the public when Costco decided to stop manufacturing their beloved Polish dogs. The delectable, portable hot dog became the go-to snack for the average grocery store patron.

Costco claims that they did away with the item to make place on their food court menu for healthier choices. They replaced our beloved Polish dog with an acai bowl after taking our beloved dog away, but a vegan snack of berries and granola just can’t compete with a delicious hot dog. Maybe they’ll discover a medium ground that’s vegetarian-friendly.

Fannie May S’Mores Snack Mix

Costco has the perfect item to take us back to those relaxing August nights spent around the campfire: Fannie May S’mores Snack Mix. They figured out a way to make us feel nostalgic for our younger selves without making the inevitable mess of graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallow crumbs.

Customers’ primary complaint about this product was that they would finish the whole bag in one sitting. Many adults, who at heart are still children, were shocked to learn that Costco decided to cease carrying this delicious delicacy in its stores as of the end of 2021. It could, however, still be available online.

Kevin’s Natural Foods Products

Finding fast, wholesome meals while managing a busy schedule is necessary to keep a diet. The variety of gluten-free, ketogenic, and paleolithic foods offered by Kevin’s Natural Food Products made it easy for many individuals to follow strict diets. Unfortunately, Costco no longer offers these fast meals.

The ability to finish a whole supper on a weekday without feeling stressed was a lifesaver to many people, but they will now have to go elsewhere for Kevin’s Products. Although Costco no longer sells these fast meals, they could do so in the future, much to the dismay of dieting consumers.

Combo Pizza

Things have changed significantly since the 2020 shutdown of the Costco stores. The treasure-filled food courts with their pleasantly surprising snack options have often remained closed. The well-liked combo pizza won’t be returning to the menu, even if others are reopening.

A convenient blend of delicious sausages, pepperoni, and assorted veggies made up the combo pizza. It’s unclear why a popular dish like the combo pizza would be removed off the menu, but it won’t be available until at least 2022.

Popcornopolis Pumpkin Spice

A traditional food that is popular to purchase in large quantities is popcorn. Much more widely used as a culinary flavoring than anybody could have anticipated, pumpkin spice has exceeded everyone’s expectations in terms of popularity. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that The Popcornopolis Pumpkin Spice popcorn was popular at Costco, but it suddenly seems to have vanished.

Before the conclusion of the pumpkin season this year, shoppers realized the much-loved taste was gone. The fall favorite has not been seen since that time. While pumpkin spice seems to have perished forever, other tastes appear to have survived and are still offered at Costco.

Pots & Co. Fudge Lava Cake

People’s stomachs and hearts have a special place in them for a warm piece of cake. A delicious chocolate cake that could be easily heated up at home as needed was featured in the Pots & Co. Fudge Lava Cake from Costco. Costco will no longer sell this exquisite treat in the near future.

The base of the decadent fudge lava cake by Pots & Co. was made of dark Colombian chocolate. Customers at Costco freely admit to being “infatuated” with and praising its excellence. The popular dessert is now fully sold out at Costco locations throughout the nation, perhaps due to supply issues.

Power Up Trail Mix

Granola has a surprising number of fans despite not being a conventional sweet food per se. It’s convenient to carry about and snack on in a variety of situations, and you can often purchase it in large quantities. Power Up Trail Mix, a longtime supplier of premium trail mixes, is no longer available at Costco.

For a very reasonable price, Costco made it simple to stock up on what some have referred to as the “best trail mix in the world.” All those granola lovers will now need to find a durable substitute or go elsewhere for their cherished Power Up Trail Mix. It should be noted that although though the mix is no longer available, Costco still sells all the individual components that may be purchased separately and combined.

It may not be financially advantageous for consumers to attempt to replicate a pre-packaged trail mix. Sometimes it’s better to just locate another store that has the one item you can’t live without. Although Costco has a large product range, not all of them are worthwhile buying. The ones that truly don’t provide much value are listed below along with some of the ones that do.

Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce

With its assortment of distinctively created sauces, Primal Kitchen has generated considerable buzz. They fill a very specific need since they are suitable for many diets and yet provide a lot of taste. Sadly, everyone’s favorite discount retailer no longer carries Primal Kitchen Buffalo Sauce.

Everyone’s favorite common sauces are made by Primal Kitchen, but they discover methods to make them without dairy, sugar, or gluten. These sauces are an excellent method to stick to a diet or, if necessary, make a tiny but meaningful modification. Before it disappeared, the sauce made a lot of individuals with dietary restrictions extremely happy for less than $10.

Take and Bake Pizza

Pizza fans are always seeking out new varieties to try. Nevertheless, everyone enjoys stumbling onto a pleasant surprise that they can take advantage of. Customers have a convenient supper choice with Costco’s Take and Bake pizza. This brilliant last-minute shopping add-on is now out of stock.

Customers had the option of having a ready-to-eat, unfrozen pizza accessible at home with the Take and Bake pizza. These pizzas had a good size, were reasonably priced, and could be readily customized at home before reheating. Customers must now reserve their inventive pizza topping suggestions from the freezer department.

Tasty Bite Tikka Masala

It’s great to have an affordable supper on hand that you can quickly microwave. The Tasty Bite Tikka Masala’s deliciousness and nutritional value improve the situation. It’s terrible that Costco no longer stocks this well-known international brand.

The all-in-one meal has been replaced with lentils from Tasty Bite, however they don’t have the same effect or arouse the same urges. It has not been established why it vanished off the shelves. However, other stores continue to sell the dish, although at a higher price.

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