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You Must View These Works of Art! An Artist Creates Animals From Sand

Real artists use a range of media to create their work. The capacity of creative minds to create amazing works of art out of anything, from plaster to paper, has inspired awe throughout history.

If you brush some sand on Andoni Bastarrika’s fingertips, he will believe that he is an ordinary person. While most of us find it difficult to build basic sandcastles on the beach, he is able to create amazing, nearly lifelike works of art. Check out some of these incredible works of art…

Beluga Whale

Beluga whales belong in the deep blue water, which is why Bastarrika’s image of the majestic animal is so striking. Viewers are lured in by the art, and the fact that it is on land isn’t even a secondary consideration.

Again, the flawless finish of this painting demonstrates Bastarrika’s talent with his chosen medium. There aren’t many flaws, and the whale is formed to size in every way, making it difficult to tell if anything is a work of art or a genuine animal.


The fanciful depictions of all of Bastarrika’s sculptures convey his fun character, but nowhere is it more apparent than in his depictions of numerous dog breeds.

The pure happiness and bond between a human and a dog is captured in this picture. The sculpture of the bulldog is meticulously detailed, and the color gradations and delicate lighting in the dog’s eyes give the piece life.

Discovery Process In The Arts

What is the process through which Bastarrika turns common sand into exquisite pieces of art? After creating a mermaid to wow his girls the first time, he discovered that sculpting with sand was a process for him that was almost simple.

Bastarrika began experimenting with his newfound gift by targeting northern beaches in his own area of Spain. This was the start of a joyous process of trial and error.


Any lion painting or sculpture may exude grandeur and strength. To understand the harmony of nature and all the variety that is available to us, one simply has to see the elegance and might of a lion.

Even if Bastarrika’s lion is lazing about on the beach, it has just as much strength as lions in the wild. It is extremely amazing how carefully and lovingly he crafted each aspect on this gorgeous animal.


You could make a second take or run away in terror if you were to go on a beach or boardwalk and see one of these lifelike pieces of art out of the corner of your eye.

Thanks to Bastarrika, this reptilian marvel is ready to bite your ankles as you stroll down the boardwalk. Given that he obviously enjoys seeing people’s horrified responses to this painting, we have to question whether he also has a dark sense of humor at work here.

Baby Elephant

People laud Bastarrika and his artwork for not just the extraordinary talent they see, but also the attention to detail and integrity they see in each creation. His selection of places for his artwork is similarly astounding, since they are some of the world’s most stunning beaches.

This calmly sleeping baby elephant is surrounded by placid tidepools and craggy cliffs, which enhance to the piece’s serenity. We pray that the seas don’t take this precious creature too soon into everlasting rest.

An Inspiration

The inspiring tale of Bastarrika shows how unforeseen events may totally change a person’s course in life. He found a real passion by being open and eager to mold his newfound gift.

We would all benefit if we remembered that lesson and used it in our own lives. Everybody can make the most of whatever situation life throws their way by using their own abilities.

Life-Sized Bull

“I’m fascinated with sand. No matter how you look at it, if you are prepared to learn, it will always teach you something, stated Bastarrika on his Facebook page. To create anything amazing, an astounding quantity of sand grains must cooperate and work together.

This most remarkable sand bull has face characteristics that are very lifelike, a texture on the coat, and magnificent horns. Beachgoers stroll by in awe, curious about how a skill like that is found and then nurtured.


Bastarrika creates the majority of these realistic constructions by hand. To add some of the final touches that make each painting so wonderful, he does use additional instruments like brushes, sticks, and toothpicks.

To bring the animals to life, additional ornaments and accessories are used, such as horns and nails. Many observers are gawking at this enormous crocodile because of its amazing detail and intimidating size.

The Dog

Bastarrika seems to have a special fondness for dogs. Man’s best buddy may have been able to remain still for the purpose of creating a sculpture, but he would much rather have his like-minded spirit animal roaming freely on the sand while he captures the soul of each in sand and color.

The dog Rufo is a homage to the well-known Rufo monument in Oviedo, Spain. Its presence in Oviedo and on the beach is intended to raise awareness of abandoned animals worldwide and encourage people to assist in any manner they can.

The Dog 2

Bastarrika is aware that his works of art aren’t as durable as those made of other materials, but that doesn’t take anything away from how much he enjoys making them. Despite each sculpture’s limited lifespan, he gives it fresh life.

The northern Spanish beaches are covered with finished goods that are dispersed in diverse locations. With social media, distance is no longer a barrier, and more and more people are coming across this distinctive artist and his sculptures.


The true splendor of Bastarrika is in its larger portions. The dedication to such a massive undertaking is not something that every artist would embark on, particularly when dealing with an elemental substance, even if it is no less intricate than some of his smaller sculptures.

Near Bastarrika’s Basque house, this magnificent elephant rests quietly along the sea. He spent almost two days to finish it. Its happy grin and rough, wrinkled skin are typical of the enormous beasts we are familiar with and adore.


The Spanish artist states that in 2010, as he was playing on the beach with his girls, his transformation from the ordinary to the remarkable started. He asked him to make a sand mermaid for them and found that his hands were moving with a “other-worldly” fluidity.

His girls were so taken with his creations that they started requesting more sculptures of their favorite animals and fantastical creatures. From the mane to the tail, every every detail on Bastarrika’s horse is flawless.


If there are mermaids, they could resemble those that Bastarrika skillfully creates by hand. Every curve of the tail has been painstakingly carved and fashioned to honor the beauty of the sea that can only be captured in this manner.

This mermaid seems to be a character with a tale to tell. We’d want to know what led her here, how she ended up on the beach, and why she picked this location for her last resting place, which is so distant from her home.


Who wants to be squeezed by this cunning snake? It’s difficult to imagine a large reptile slipping through the forest unnoticed, yet these quiet, sneaky predators are expert at doing precisely that.

The level of attention to detail that Bastarrika placed into creating this sculpture is really astounding. Onlookers shiver in horror at the perfect size and proportions and the magnificent cold glare of yellow reptile eyes.

Sea Turtle

Bastarrika discovers the ideal location for the start of his creative inspiration. He gathers sand, moistens it, and starts sculpting against a background of picturesque beach areas, tidal pools, and cement platforms.

Wet sand is skillfully sculpted into fantastical creatures by fluid hands. For each sculpture he makes, Bastarrika collects embellishments like sticks, stones, beach glass, and natural paint to improve its appearance.


Bastarrika is now able to share his works with the rest of the world because of the development of social media. He consistently shares his work on Facebook and Instagram, building a devoted fan base that spans generations and geographic boundaries.

It’s difficult to envision this picture being taken with anything other than an artificial shark. Like Steven Spielberg on the set of Jaws, Bastarikka gets close to one of his favorite topics.

Shark Mid-Bite

One of the darkest sculptures is undoubtedly this one made of sand. A shark’s unbridled might is on full show as he devours his most recent prey. The conflict is immortalized for everyone to see, and the poor, unwary victim didn’t even see it coming.

Consider emerging from one of these beach tents to see this scene. Someone may be reluctant to visit the beach again as a result.

Sea Turtle Atop A Pile Of Refuse

An gigantic sea turtle calls out to mankind in yet another of Bastarrika’s sculptures that aim to make a significant social message. An observer is compelled to consider how man and nature have clashed.

Each year, floating trash that ruins their habitats causes suffering or death to thousands of marine species. The artwork of Bastarrika raises awareness of this problem while also showcasing her talent and the power of the bond between humans and animals.

Great White Shark

Swing wide, lovers of the arts. These great whites are really terrifying, whether they are in the ocean or on the shore. Bastarrika makes it possible for the animal to effortlessly emerge from a sand dune, bringing the scene to life.

Every ardent surfer who passes by is terrified by this imposing behemoth. Even if we are aware that he is stationary, we should still take a quick look behind us to make sure he isn’t giving us anything other than an intense gaze.

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